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Samsung Galaxy S4 MHL to HDMI Video Out To The New Orealo C1 MHL Slim Projector

Orealo C1 MHL Pico Projector Samsung s4

Last week we ordered a new pico projector. We wanted to try something out of the ordinary and picked up the Orealo C1 MHL Slim 40 Lumens Pico Projector for only $169.00, as something that could definitely compliment our smartphones when boredom starts to set in. For most of us here we have Android based smartphones. We mainly have the Samsung Galaxy series phones; and we’ve never had a chance to use MHL connection. But we’re sure many people want to know how to get a video out connection from their MHL devices to a TV, LCD, or projector so here we are. First of all, what is an MHL connection? Heres an excerpt taken from the “MHL Consortium” website comprised of Nokia, Samsung, Electronics, Silicon Image, Sony, and Toshiba.

What is MHL Technology?

MHL stands for Mobile High-Definition Link technology, which allows you to display your smartphone’s content to a larger screen, all while charging your mobile device. Transform your smartphone into a home theater system, stream your favorite TV channels or movies in HD, and experience your favorite music with immersive surround sound. If you’re a gamer, you’ll love playing games on the big screen with MHL, and paired with a Bluetooth game controller you can have the ultimate, untethered gaming experience. []

Now that we have established what MHL technology is lets check out what we’re working with here.  We have the Samsung Galaxy S4 that we’d like to connect to our new Orealo C1 MHL Slim PIco Projector. [picture of phone and pico]   For some reason, although MHL is suppose to produce a high-definition video output from our tiny Samsung smarphone, we just can’t fathom that its possible.  But, we will soon find out…Right out the box. we notice that the Orealo C1 MHL Slim projector actually comes with an MHL adapter which is pretty awesome when everyone’s always trying to make an extra buck and charge you for extra stuff just to get it working the way its suppose to do.  Putting it in your hand you get a feel of its slim size and light weight weight, which is as thin as our Samsung and weighing in much lighter!


Two Powerful Units 

These little pico projectors are made to compliment our “on-the-go” mentality to give us the mobility that we all love to have. We want to take our homes with us without actually taking our homes, maybe just an RV will do, and MHL Technology gives us full a mobile entertainment experience. So with the Samsung as our media powerhouse the Orealo C1 has a speaker and an internal battery built-in that last up 120 mins to give us an immerse mobile entertainment experience. Oh, lets not forget that the 2000 mAH  battery doubles as a traveling charging station for your MicroUSB deivices, which is pretty cool when you’re always on the go. Preparing to Launch into the Galaxy Quick and simple, we have our Samsung Galaxy with MHL Technology and our Orealo C1 MHL Slim Projector that comes with the following accessories:

  • Built-in internal battery that last 120 minutes and can be used as charging station for other devices
  • MHL Adapter
  • HDMI to Mini-HDMI Cable
  • 3.5mm A/V Composite Cable
  • D/C Charger
  • Tripod

How to Connect Samsung to MHL Orealo C1

Step 1 – Connect the Mini-HDMI to the MHL Device

Step Two – Connect MHL Adapter to Samsung

MHL Activate! 

…We are impressed! We were pretty skeptical about the video quality coming from a phone but the MHL connection is pretty darn good! The Orealo Projector also does an amazing job for its size at 40 ANSI lumens! There are only a few other “slim” style pico/pocket projectors on the market close to the price, like the Brookstone Pocket Projector Slim with only 25 lumens for $149 or the Genuis Bella Vision BV180 thats rated at only 35 lumens for $189.00. To concluded this little experiment, connecting MHL devices has been a quick and painless procedure that gave us instant video output between the popular Samsung Galaxy and the new Orealo C1 Slim Pico Projector. We were able to instantly project images, videos, and even mess around with our apps. We were able to stream directly from our Hulu+ Plus App and  play DC Comic’s Injustice and FT Games’ Zombie Frontier. I think we’ll be hiding in the closets from our bosses to escape our boredom.