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Fathers day is a comin’


With Fathers day coming up how cold we not put up a post with our top picks… well, top 2 picks.

  1. iPad2 With the Hdmi mirroring gof the iPad2 it is easily the coolest gadget on the block. It makes for a really cool e-reader, gaming device, internet browser, and over all coolness booster.
  2. Pico projector our favorite addition to the ipad is a pico projector.

With how Highly portable the ipad is, it just makes sense to have a portable projection device that you can bring with you. We recommend 3 devices:

#1 The AAXA M2 – This projector is quite possibly the best bang for your buck! with hdmi inputs and a powerful 110 ansi lumens, it is incredibly impressive for only $349

#2 The Vivitek Qumi – out standign 720p rojector but after spending a bunch on your ipad @ $500 US this little guys is pretty pricey!

#3 The AAXA Tech M1 Ultimate-x – Incredibly cost efficient at $249  as well as having a sweet brushed aluminum exterior

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3M MPro160 and 180 pocket projectors

MP180 pocket projector

3M releases the MPro160 and MPro180 pocket projectors this year. They are a noticeable step up from their earlier models. Although considerably bulkier for a pocket projectors, they come loaded with useful features.  The 3M MPro160 is the more basic model.  Some of the features for the MPro160 pocket projector are:

  • 30 lumen
  • SVGA 800×600 resolution
  • Connects to computers and DVD players
  • 2 onboard speakers with audio out.




The MPro180 is a more robust model that adds wifi and a touch-screen to the mix.  With the convenient built in touch-screen display, you can access business apps, music, audio and picture files and even surf the Web with this pocket projector.  It features a 30lumen optical engine but the resolution is bumped up to 1280 x 768 WXGA.


Both of these pocket projectors feature LED LCoS light system which lasts about 20,000 hours.

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Benq GP1 pocket projector

BenQ GP1 pocket projector

The BenQ GP1 is a 100lumen SVGA (858 x 600) resolution pocket projector that uses DLP technology. The LED bulb setup is RGB.  This pocket projector measures 5.35 x 2.12 x 4.72 inches and weighs in at 1.4lbs.  It supports HD resolutions of 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i.

The GP1 pocket projector features D-sub 15 pin connection for PC, component, composite and USB connections.  Rounding out this pocket projector package is 2watt speaker system.

While there may be some small niggles with the buttons or the remote or the cables, the GP1 pocket projector delivers where it counts: in actual performance. Even in a moderately light room, the picture is bright and clear. If you’re projecting on a wall that isn’t white, the software comes with a variety of color adjustment settings to make the picture look as close as possible to how it would look on a white screen.

The options are impressive. Included on the hardware is a foot on the bottom that can be screwed in and out to tilt the projector up if you need to place it somewhere low, and there is a standard tripod connection on the bottom as well. The software features automatic keystone correction, which means that even at a severe angle the projector will know what angle it’s at and square the picture for you. In testing, this feature worked perfectly, and using the built-in foot, keystone correction, and color correction with my wall I had a solid-looking image in under five minutes. The biggest selling points of this projector are its portability and ease of use, and both aspects of the product live up to that promise.

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Aiptek announces their new V50


We were excited to hear about his projector and it looks pretty good, except for you to achieve the assumed brightness of 50 lumens it has to be plugged in, and in that case you may as well get a more powerful projector.

sites listed specs:

  • Power Mode Enhanced: 40-50 ANSI Lumens
  • Power Mode Eco: 25 ANSI Lumens
  • Battery Mode Enhanced: 30 ANSI Lumens
  • Battery Mode Eco: 20 ANSI Lumens

V50 is the advanced multimedia projector with multiple functions. Unlike other pocket projectors on the market , V50 applies the latest Texas Instruments DLP optical technology and provides the projection brightness up to 50 lumens, brightness contrast up to 1000:1 high and projection size up to 85 inches. Additionally, with 32GB external expendable storage capabilities and 120-minute battery life, it is comfortable to use V50 for the enjoyment of good quality audio effects at anytime, anywhere. In commercial purposes, V50 successfully projects PPT files and retains animation effects in the files at the same. Therefore, it would be easier for users to have better control of presentation and better professional performance VIA DIGITIMES

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We were excited at first… but watch out for tricky wording.


Ok so at first glance this projector looks pretty cool! USB powered, The resolution is  720P and 20 lumens… That is pretty impressive until you realise that it is only at 15 frames a second and it has a REALLY trick way of wording so you THINK that it is 720p when that is what it can handle for inputs and it out puts what is barely passable for standard VGA …

what a bummer. Shame on you royaltech.

sites listed specs:

Display Technology:DLP®
Native imager resolution:640 X 360
Aspect ratio:16:9
Display mode:extended/mirror

Display resolution should be worded ACCEPTED INPUT RESULUTION:
WVGA(852 X 480)、WSVGA(1024 X 600)、WXGA(1280 X 800, 1366 X 768)
Colors:16bits and 32bits


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Mili projector.


W recently stumbled upon the Mili projector2.  Now, while it is a pretty coo gadget it is pretty darn expensive. In fact it would set you back between 1.5-2.5 times the cost of your  apple device which seems a little silly to us… Here is what Mashable had to say:


MiLi claims a projection area of up to 70- inches, but you do have to consider that the further away the projector is from the wall, the less bright the image will be. We found a sweet spot of size and brightness to be around 40 inches, which is obviously much larger than the iPhone’s display and a decent size to watch a movie.

In a SUPER dark room, the image quality was good. The projector only boasts a VGA resolution, so you’re not going to see the nuances and details you might be used to on your big screen TV, but it’s not a replacement for that — it’s a fun and very portable way to share video from your iPhone or iPod touch.

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So often companies get ripped off… and we se recreations of older model pico projectors re-manufatured…. It is almost comical.  Seeing that this is using 3M lenses and and optical engine from probably axxa or some other company… I can’t imagine that they actually care about the product…

While the design looks intriguing  it is using technology that has already become old hat or obsolete… ha!


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Vivitek’s QUMI


The Qumi is Vivitek’s entry into the pocket projector category. The Qumi pocket projector is part of the company’s new line of LED-based pocket projectors. The Qumi further enhances Vivitek’s family of projection devices for a wide range of applications. “We know that hours of operation, brightness and picture quality are key factors for users.


The Qumi pocket projectors incorporate the latest LED and other leading-edge technologies and features, such as 3D, to ensure that it is versatile enough to match the range of portable products out in the market.” Weighing in at only 1.6 pounds, the Qumi is the first pocket projector to be 3D-ready via Texas Instruments’ DLP® Link™ technology. The Qumi’s touch sensitive button controls and sleek design is ready to be used with a variety of devices, including, but not limited to digital cameras, laptops, smart phones and tablets. Vivitek’s Qumi pocket projector is versatile and portable enough for both work and play, making it ideal for sharing digital content.

“With the Qumi line of LED-based pocket projectors, Vivitek now has a complete line of projector models to fit just about any need and application,” said Christopher Yang, senior product manager at Vivitek. “We know that hours of operation, brightness and picture quality are key factors for users. The Qumi pocket projectors incorporate the latest LED and other leading-edge technologies and features, such as 3D, to ensure that it is versatile enough to match the range of portable products out in the market.”

Qumi Key Features/Specifications: Native WXGA (1280×800) resolution Up to 300 lumens of brightness and a 2500:1 contrast ratio 3D-Ready (via DLP Link) and a DLP chipset from Texas Instruments 1.6 pounds; Dimensions: 6.3”(w) x 1.2”(h) x 3.9”(d) 30,000+ estimated LED hours of operation Connectivity options include: Mini-HDMI, Universal I/O (24-pin connector for VGA/component input), 3.5mm video-in, 3.5mm mini-jack audio-out USB and MicroSD slots for content and memory expansion Built-in 1W speaker Offered in a black or white finish Available in May 2011; Estimated street price of $499.00(USD)



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The AAXA Technologies M1 pocket projector series has been around for more than a year.  Throughout the course of this time, AAXA has taken suggestions from their customers and made revisions to this product line until the final evolution, the M1 Ultimate pocket projector was released.   But they’ve taken the Ultimate a step further and now releasing the M1X pocket projector.



The major difference between the M1 Ultimate and M1X is that instead of an onboard 1GB memory, the M1X includes a 2GB SD card and does away with the 1GB storage.  The M1X will still retain all of the cool features of the M1 Ultimate like aluminum case, 75lumen LED optical engine, and still being pocket size. While we’re not sure what the X quite stands for, I would guess the X is for Xtreme pocket projector.

The M1X pocket projector is due to be released any day now, please visit for more details. made a video about the M1 Ultimate, enjoy!