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AAXA Technologies P4 Pico Projector Hands on Review


AAXA Technologies P4 Pico Projector Review

After a little hard work and perseverance, we were able to convince the team at AAXA Technologies to let use do a review on their latest P4 pocket projector.  Overall we were very impressed with out test results and believe this pico projector really does live up to its name of the World’s Brightest Battery Powered Projector.


The unit itself is quite small at  5.5″ x 2.5′ x 1.25″ and as a nice soft matte coat to it.  Like previous AAXA Products, a wide array of accessories are provided along with the unit. These accessories include:

  • a/v composite cable
  • micro USB to full USB adapter
  • VGA cable
  • mini tripod
  • remote
  • power cord
  • *Optional accessory mini mouse/keyboard combo


Picture Quality

With the light dimmed low, the color reproduction is amazing.  We didn’t believe we would be able to get the same results as what their webpage showed but in the end the range of colors was wide and true.  We hooked up this small LED projector to our dvd player and played RANGO, the animated film from DreamWorks.
Our attempt to reproduce AAXA’s technologies color production that seemed too goo to be true.  The picture on the left is with lights off while the picture on the right is with lights on.  The size of the images are roughly 60″.








For $339, this is the brightest pico projector money can buy and is even cheaper than many old model pico projectors from other brands.  The $49 dollar optional keyboard accessory comes very handy as its range is farther than the AAXA remote.  All functions of the projector can be controlled with the mouse/keyboard combo which is a great feature.


Windows CE is built into the P4 and allows for viewing and editing of MS office files such as, Word, Powerpoint, and Excel.  It also has a PDF viewer.  This feature allows for presentations to be easily played off a USB, micro SD or the on board memory.  This is the first projector we have seen that gives full access to windows.

Here are some additional pictures taken from AAXA Technologies website. You can also visit them at

We even found a video of someone playing angry birds with their P4 off of their iPad.
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Acer C110, pico projector


The acer C110 set to debut in the UK is set with an MSRP of $300.  With an LED lamp, a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and a estimated 50 Ansi lumens, this projector may be able contend with some of the other pico projectors we have reviewed. When we get a hold of one, we will see if this little guy can really push out 50 ANSI lumens. Until then, lets cheer on the improving technology that keeps pushing out higher lumens in pico projectors!

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Acer USB powered pocket projector

Acer C112_02

Powering a pocket projector use to mean you need either a heavy battery pack or an additional power adapter which could be lost. Acer is about to change all that with the C110 pocket projector which is USB powered. The C110 will have WVGA resolution of 854×480. Since it is USB powered, it probably won’t be too bright but the trade off it, there’s a lot less to carry. Not surprisingly, the lumen specs aren’t released. We’re not expecting anything too high, but it’s interesting none-the-less to see a pocket projector that is USB powered.