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Lemoptix Pocket sized projector!


This pocket projector is developed by Lemoptix, a spin-off of EPFL in collaboration with Maher Kayal Laboratory.  This pocket projector has a projection head of 1 cm3. It cannot only fit into your pocket, but also into a portable computers, mobile telephone and may be even MP3 reader. Its development finished in the beginning of September and it is all set to hit the markets in the end of 2011. In functioning, this pocket projector is quite similar to the others in its working of projecting documents and videos on the wall. The size of the image can also be modified by manipulating the distance between the device and the projection surface. However, there is one advantage, this new device uses 30% less current/energy than LED projectors in the market. It works at distance of 50 centimeters and allows the user to project images on a surface, which is equivalent to 15-inch screen.