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Why Keystone Correction is a Key for Pico Projectors?

The ability to be mobile in today’s world is becoming more and more of a necessity. Which is the main reason why people buy pico projectors. When a salesman is making a presentation with powerful images and video, it can be the difference between making the sale or not. With pico projectors you have that mobility, but what if the salesman is in a room where space is limited and setting up the projector is can be difficult?

When a problem like this arises, going without the projector shouldn’t even be an option. Today,  pico projectors like the LED Showtime 3D Micro Projector($499) or the Acer K132($499) have what is called Automatic Keystone Correction.

What is Keystone correction?

It gives the user the ability to point the projector from varying angles and without skewing the picture.

For a detailed explanation of Keystone Correction:






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New 3D, 1080p Pico Projector revealed by AAXA Tech.

On December 14, 2012, AAXA Technologies unveiled their newest high end pico projector, the LED Showtime 3D. This projector is packed with HD quality resolution (1280×800 DLP) and is the first 3D ready projector by AAXA. Its stylish and sleek design will make the Showtime stand out among its competitors. It is small enough to carry on the go and has the capabilities of a 160 inch cinema experience.

A Big Projector in a Micro Projector Size

The AAXA LED Showtime 3D is a full-featured entertainment projector in a micro projector size.  A variety of input sources include HDMI and VGA connections, a Composite Video input cable, and a USB memory stick slot for media playback.  Outputs include a 3.5mm headphone jack and onboard 2 watt speakers.  Processing power is provided by a robust 880mhz ARM chipset  able to render high resolution full-length movies and high megapixel digital pictures.  3D capability is made possible by a “DLP-3D” processor able to display 3D movies, games, and education content (requires 3D glasses and Quad Buffered 3d Graphics card). The AAXA LED Showtime 3D is a true miniature powerhouse able to perform like a full sized projector and able to double as a stand-alone entertainment system without the need to connect to a video source or game console.

If you are in the market for a projector that offers HD quality display, the LED Showtime 3D is going to be one of the best ones on the market for the price that it is being offered at which is $499 at

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Picking a Projector of the best and bright pico projectors

Pico projectors are the tiniest handheld projectors that are currently out there on the market. Its portability and easiness to use is highly efficient for entertainment and business purposes. Unfortunately, pico projectors aren’t as small as your typical handheld device like an iPhone, it still is considered very small, and won’t even weigh down a briefcase or purse by more than a pound. Some pico projectors even weigh less than half that.


Projector/Specs Price Brightness Size Weight Resolution (Native) Battery Power
AAXA P300 $419 300 Lumens 5.9×3.8×1.5inches 1.3 lbs 1280×800 75 min
Acer C120 $229 100 Lumens 4.7×3.2×1 inches 0.5 lbs 854×480 60 min
Optoma PK320 $375 100 Lumens 4.7×1.2×2.7 inches 0.6lbs 854×480 90 min
3M MP220 $450 65 Lumens 6.2×1.3×3.2 inches 0.9lbs 1024×600 120 min


Pico projectors have become credible business tools as technology improves, unfortunately they are still not powerful enough to display in large rooms. This shouldn’t be the main entertainment device that you use, but it definitely is a useful tool for constant travelers.


At the end of the day, depending what you are looking for, you can definitely make a decision on what fits your needs the best. If you are looking for a brighter projector, you would probably look for the AAXA P300.  If you’re looking for a cheaper model the Acer C120 ould be a better fit. If you are looking for higher quality pico projector, the P300 would be the best fit as well, being the brightest and highest native resolution out there. There are many differences and similarities with each pico projector; you just have to take a look at what fits your needs, and what doesn’t. Below are some pros/cons of each projector.




AAXA P300:

–          Pros:

  • Brightest pico projector by far
  • Able to connect with USB/VGA/HDMI/Composite AV/SD/Headphones
  • Highest Native Resolution

–          Cons:

  • A bit pricey

Acer C120:

–          Pros:

  • Inexpensive and high brightness

–          Cons:

  • Least versatile out of the group

Optoma PK320:

–          Pros:

  • Really Bright
  • Relatively long battery life
  • Able to connect with USB/VGA/HDMI/Composite AV/SD/Headphones

–          Cons:

  • Expensive for a pico projector

3M MP220:

–          Pros:

  • Highest native resolution
  • Longest battery life

–          Cons

  • Expensive
  • Low brightness


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AAXA Technologies launches a new Pico Projector



AAXA Technologies will release their newest pico projector, called the P300 pico projector. This projector outshines its competitor’s products in many different ways, and can match the quality of 720p HDTV’s. Ask yourself this, would you rather buy a bad low quality 60 inch HDTV for $1000, or a small projector that has more features than a TV at a price half the cost.


AAXA P300 Pico Projector Acer k11 Projector Joybee GP2 Mini Projector
Pricing $419 $329.99 $499.99
Brightness 300 Lumens 200 Lumens 200 Lumens
Resolution (Native) 1280 x 800 (WXGA) 858 x 600 (WXGA) 1200×800 (WXGA)
Port Supported USB/HDMI/SD/MP4/Composite AV USB/VGA/HDMI/Composite AV HDMI/USB


As you can see the P300 against its top competitors that the video specs are going to be the best out of the three. If you are looking for more of a quality home entertainment system, the P300 pico projector is definitely the one for you.  If you are going for a cheaper product, the Acer K11 projector maybe for you, but you must keep in mind the money you sacrifice, you also are sacrificing home entertainment quality images. This product is something that you really have to look out for, and definitely should check it out!



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Pico Projectors Market to 2016 – Portable Devices to Drive Growth


GBI Research’s new report, “Pico Projectors Market to 2016 – Application in Portable Devices such as Smartphones, Digital Cameras and Laptops to Drive Growth”, According to the report the market was at $0.49 billion in 2011, a figure which is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of around 75% during 2011-2016, to reach $8.12 billion in 2016.


GBI Research expects that increased use of embedded products in devices such as smartphones, digital cameras and gaming stations, and the miniaturization of high-end projectors for professional use, will lead to aggressive revenue growth. On top of that we have seen real growth in the market of iPhone specific pico projectors and sleeve based products that recharge battery.

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AAXA Technologies launches a revision of their popular P4 LED Pico Projector at, bargain hunters go wild

aaxa pico projector

AAXA Technologies has partnered with popular daily deal site for a pre-launch their latest pico projector.  A quick glance at the page has shows that AAXA will not be selling the product on their site until June 4th so for those of you who have been waiting for a P4 with HDMI, you’ll have to snag one from DailySteals.
There are a few major changes for this projector from the earlier version.  Here are the major changes I have found.

1) They have added a mini-hdmi

2) They have removed the Windows CE Capability

3) They have reduced the price to make it even more consumer friendly.

Pre-launch price at DailySteals is $279 +5 shipping and preliminary pricing on AAXA’s website shows the cost will be $299+shipping.

After speaking to an AAXA representative I was informed that this unit was created and tailored towards AAXA’s customer base who had continued to ask for a HDMI input on this model.

As this is the brightest battery powered pico projector we highly recommend this unit towards those of you who may run into situations where you do not have to charge your pico projector.

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Looking to snag a Pico Projector? Check out deal sites!


Good Pico Projectors never go for less than $200. The technology for these products is extremely new so production costs have to be expensive. It’s rare to find anything decent, with great features, under $300. Recently there has been an influx of projectors on deal sites, tipped off by reader on my twitter, is currently advertising the P4 AAXA Pico Projector with a 15k LED bulb and VGA, USB, SD, and Composite for only $269!

Definitely one of our favorite products we’ve reviewed and one of the best out on the market. For the original price point it was already one of the best products on the market, at this price it’s a total steal. This unit comes equipped with all the accessories you would need, and the product itself is listed as brand new.


Here’s a link to our review: AAXA P4 Review by 

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AAXA P4 Pico Projector just in time for Halloween!



In the world of pico projectors, AAXA Technologies plays with big boys like LG, Optoma and 3M. They have had numerous projectors(P1, P1jr,P2, M1, M2) in the past that have had raving reviews and if this trend continues, I imagine the P4 will be a game changer.

At 80 lumens AAXA claims this is the brightest battery powered projector. Using LED bulbs, the lifetime of the bulbs is 15000 hrs and much much more durable that traditional lamp projectors. One BIG difference aside from brightness that sets this projector apart is access to Windows CE. This function will allow for more customization that other projectors don’t have.

Pico projectors open doors for a wide array of people. From business professionals who are constantly traveling and don’t have enough bag space for a full size projector, to kids who want to watch their favorite shows anywhere in the house picos have great appeal.

With Halloween just around the corner, I can only imagine a few tech savvy people who will make use of these convenient pico projectors as part of their decorations.


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Fathers day is a comin’


With Fathers day coming up how cold we not put up a post with our top picks… well, top 2 picks.

  1. iPad2 With the Hdmi mirroring gof the iPad2 it is easily the coolest gadget on the block. It makes for a really cool e-reader, gaming device, internet browser, and over all coolness booster.
  2. Pico projector our favorite addition to the ipad is a pico projector.

With how Highly portable the ipad is, it just makes sense to have a portable projection device that you can bring with you. We recommend 3 devices:

#1 The AAXA M2 – This projector is quite possibly the best bang for your buck! with hdmi inputs and a powerful 110 ansi lumens, it is incredibly impressive for only $349

#2 The Vivitek Qumi – out standign 720p rojector but after spending a bunch on your ipad @ $500 US this little guys is pretty pricey!

#3 The AAXA Tech M1 Ultimate-x – Incredibly cost efficient at $249  as well as having a sweet brushed aluminum exterior

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The AAXA Technologies M1 pocket projector series has been around for more than a year.  Throughout the course of this time, AAXA has taken suggestions from their customers and made revisions to this product line until the final evolution, the M1 Ultimate pocket projector was released.   But they’ve taken the Ultimate a step further and now releasing the M1X pocket projector.



The major difference between the M1 Ultimate and M1X is that instead of an onboard 1GB memory, the M1X includes a 2GB SD card and does away with the 1GB storage.  The M1X will still retain all of the cool features of the M1 Ultimate like aluminum case, 75lumen LED optical engine, and still being pocket size. While we’re not sure what the X quite stands for, I would guess the X is for Xtreme pocket projector.

The M1X pocket projector is due to be released any day now, please visit for more details. made a video about the M1 Ultimate, enjoy!