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What’s new about Android Oreo?



More power saving – background limits

By restricting certain activities an application wants to do while it’s in the background, Oreo can save power and improve battery life without users installing anything. New limits on implicit broadcasts, background services, and location updates are automatic.

Customize Notifications

A notification dot will appear over an app icon, similar with iPhone but without a number showing. Users can also switch off notification dots to obtain a clean look. Users also have more control over notifications using channels by categorizing different Apps to multiple channels and choosing how Android should display notices for each channel.



Android Oreo enables Android handsets to support PiP display method just like Android TV. For instance, when a user is watching a YouTube video, he or she can still view other windows by tapping the home button. The YouTube video will shrink into a small, resizable box, displaying on top of the other window. Users can also turn off the feature from the settings menu.

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Easy Zoom in and New emojis:

Other changes include some camera tweaks and new emojis. With Android Oreo, users can zoom in the screen by simply double-tapping, making it perfect for one-handed snaps. Android emojis have earned the fondness of millions of users and Oreo adds another 70 new emojis including T-Rex, Dracula, and more!

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