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AAXA LED Android: N64 Gaming Projector?!



The question has been asked many times- what’s the usefulness of a projector with an Android operating system onboard.  Many blogs have discussed this ad nauseam (here: and here: but I thought we would take a different approach.  Instead of streaming or connecting a gaming system where you would have to carry around with the projector, I’ve decided to take it back old school and use the projector as a gaming emulator, in this particular case old-school Nintendo 64 games.

Now AAXA Technologies ( sent us an LED android projector a few months back and we never got around to reviewing it (sorry AAXA!). I thought I would get around to it now.

ledandroid1The basic specs of this projector are as follows:

  • Stunning 550 Lumen Optical Engine
  • Native 720P HD Resolution
  • Android 4.4.2 with Dual Core CPU
  • 20,000 Hour LED Light Source
  • HDMI, VGA, USB, Composite Inputs
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Onboard


The things you need for this setup:

  1. AAXA LED Android Projector: you can purchase this projector now for $399 here×800-Resolution-Bluetooth/dp/B00K04Y82W/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1455129415&sr=8-11&keywords=aaxa on Amazon.
  2. Gaming Controller: the controller I tested with the projector can be found here: on Amazon. Or if you want to play old school you can purchase this classic N64 controller here:
  3. f310-gaming-gamepadku-mediumMega N64 app: can be found here through this link on the Google playstore:  You can also access the playstore app on the projector to directly download it.
  4. MegaN64Nintendo 64 Games – Which you can search on Google for.







We tried a few different emulators but found the performance to be unstable. This included Mupen64+AE, Super N64 Emulator, and N64Droid.  The best emulator we have found is the Mega64 app stated above.

I downloaded some games to play on the projector and it’s amazing how it works like having a portable gaming system with a huge display all in one.  You can watch from the gameplay videos below, how well the game looks on the projector and how easy it is to set up.  I mean who doesn’t like to play these classic old games with a huge display like you could never before.  Before this review I already clocked some good hours playing some of these classic games.










Gameplay video with the LED Android Projector:

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