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AAXA’s 720P LCOS LED HD Pico Projector


AAXA has recently released their latest model of pico projector and we were fortunate enough to get our hands on the ST200 720P LED Projector for a review; and we are impressed with the little titan. Boasting features such as a built media interface, lithium ion battery (allowing up to 60 minutes of run time), and a built in speaker this little machine is ready to go right out of the box. Weighing in at just 11 oz. the ST200 can produce an image up to 100 inches. Getting to those files or launching games on the small projector is a breeze with it’s on board controls and media interface. Allowing you to play media from a range of devices via a USB port, SD card slot, and HDMI input. There is also a port to connect to a portable speakers which makes game play, movies, and music even better.


Check out the ST200 in action in the video below.


Compared to it’s competitors AAXA’s ST200 50 lumens mini projector is featured rich and versatile. It is very user friendly and can be used by anyone. It is priced competitively in it’s class and is something to look into if you’re in the market for a pico projector. Check out the link below for the Amazon listing.

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