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Move Over, the Pico Projector Keyboard is Here

Do you live in a tiny apartment? Or work in a very crammed office space? In either case, it can be very hard to accommodate something like a huge HDTV or a large monitor to display multimedia, whether it be for entertainment or business purposes. Any individuals who found the aforementioned resonating MUST consider the Sho U KiBoJet pico projector-keyboard. CNET was the first to put out a statement that this little keyboard includes a tiny projector that displays whatever content on any flat surface. A great feature is that this keyboard is compatible with many computers, paving a way for a great multimedia experience without the need for a huge monitor or display support.

What this means

If Lenovo’s “projector phone” wasn’t already enough, this new innovation essentially means that you can take only a keyboard with you to work just about anywhere there’s a blank wall or flat surface around you. Whether you need to go on a business trip for a conference, or you’re a teacher that needs to incorporate visuals into the variety of lessons, this new pico projector keyboard has you covered. CNET informs the audience that the keyboard projects up to 22 in wide at a distance of up to 33 in. It comes loaded with Bluetooth and WiFi capability, with an inbuilt 3W speaker system. Sho U informs viewers that the specs could change at any time before its official release.

For more information, check out the video below!


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