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Lenovo’s Smart Cast – World’s first laser projector smartphone

If the technological innovations in portable projectors aren’t enough already for today’s society, Lenovo made a huge leap in the realm of fresh, innovative technology by introducing the Smart Cast, the world’s first-ever laser projection smartphone. At the company’s  TechWorld event in Beijing on May 28th, Lenovo unveiled the Smart Cast smartphone, which is baed on the idea of the pico projector (or handheld projector), adding the device to Lenovo’s lineup of creative concept products.

Lenovo’s CTO, Peter Hortensius, was the first to put out a statement about the Smart Cast, dubbing it the first-ever smartphone to imbibe a built-in laser projector. It is both the smallest pico projector in the world as well as a gesture-based system for control. The innovative feature will enable users to project video games, films/TV shows, and other forms of multimedia on any flat surface. Users will also have the ability to project controls or keyboards to a nearby surface to maximize their experience. This is made possible through the Smart Cast’s gesture recognition software to decode various movement actions such as multi-touching, clicking, and sliding.

“Whereas today smartphones are limited to consuming content, Smart Cast changes the paradigm by giving users a smart phone with built-in laser projector, infrared motion detector and high-performance algorithms.” stated Lenovo.

Perhaps the most notable function of the Smart Cast is its ability to transform any surface into a touch display. Users will be able to project a huge virtual touch screen to a table or any similar surface so they can type via the keyboard projection. The smartphone will then allow users to convert any other surface into a smart-display, courtesy of the variable bracket projector and the built-in kickstand feature. Users will be able to display the virtual keyboard in real time, as demonstrated by Lenovo at the massive event.

Users looking to video chat with the device will be able to project the media on a blank surface. Another great feature will lie in the phone’s ability to let users tend to the screen simultaneously.

It’s important to note that Samsung has already put out two smartphones with built-in projectors: the Galaxy Beam and Galaxy Beam 2. However, the concept has not really caught fire and has subsided in previous months. The difference with Lenovo’s product is the “cat-like” features, its beaming projection abilities, and the innovative virtual features.

While other specs of the Smart Cast remain unknown, it looks to be a highly anticipated product that could be the market changer. Although the Smart Cast isn’t simply a pocketable projector, it will have huge implications in the technology industry and will directly affect the future of pico projectors today.

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