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Vision Cube – The most simple pico projector we’ve ever seen


Recently over on indiegogo a new project for a pocket projector showed up, The Vision Cube.  It’s a sleek little cube shaped projector that communicates to devices via WIFI only, there are no ports on the projector to reduce it’s size.


The projector charges via micro USB cable and the creators have stated that it will come with a  proprietary magnetic tripod that also has a micro usb connector on it so that the projector can be charged while it is in use and mounted.




From what we can gather the projector basically has a EZcast stick built into it that allows it to communicate via an installed app on either android, ios, or windows.  It is currently unclear what capabilities the app will actually have as far as if it can directly mirror the screen or if it can only display apps such as netflix, youtube, and hulu like a chromecast.



This is a similar functionality that other pico projectors have showcased however none have been this compact and none have used it as the only technology for the projectors, there are a few things however that we are worried about with the vision cube such as its claimed specifications and size constraints.  The projector is claimed to only be 100mm x 100mm x 100mm and boast a 1300 lumen projection with up to 20 hours of battery life.

We review a lot of projectors here and we’ve torn down our fair share of them to see exactly what makes them tick.  We can definitely confirm that the specs they are claiming are highly unlikely to make it to production due to the size of the unit.  Currently the brightest pico projectors are running at about 800 lumens and are almost the size of full-sized projectors.  On top of that the amount of power they require to run warrants a large battery that would definitely be larger than this entire unit to be capable of the times they are claiming.


The concept of the vision cube is definitely innovative and is something that we would like to see them build upon to make a full fledged product, but in a realistic world we just know that the claimed specs cannot happen so we aren’t holding our breath.

The Visioncube is currently being funded over at indiegogo, if you are interested in it we highly recommend that you help fund it because indie projects like this only come to life if they have backers, here is a link to their product page so that you can check it out for yourself.



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