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Immersis, VR without a helmet that everyone can experience.


A new product has popped up on kick starter and its something that almost seems too good to be true.  It’s called Immersis and it claims that it can create an experience similar to a virtual reality helmet or Oculus Rift through projection.  The kick starter is extremely close to it’s goal so it looks like this is definitely something we’re going to see come into production.  Today we’re going to be going over the known specs and technology used in the Immersis as well as pricing and whether or not we think this product is going to be a hit.


Initially you can tell this is a sleek product, and by the way that it folds it has to be portable, Immersis has not released many pictures indicating the actual size of this unit as compared to other objects.  From what we can tell it is supposed to sit behind the users on a table or something raised so that the head of the projector is above their heads.  The only two images we’ve seen as far as size comparison goes are:


This, which makes it look pretty compact as you can tell you are looking at the bottom of the unit and that it is sitting on a table.


And this, which makes it look absolutely massive compared to the users.

So for the time being we can’t really tell if this is truly using pico projector technology, or if this is a very oddly shaped full-sized projector.  Time will tell as more media and possibly even prototypes are made for this projector.

As for the specs of this projector, we’re thinking it has to be pretty bright to be able to fully immerse (pun intended) the users especially since one of the main features of the Immersis is that it can expand your TV’s screen around the borders of the LCD panel as seen in the two pictures above.  To us this would indicate that it needs a pretty bright light source to be able to create an image comparable to the TV.  From the information that they have released about the product it looks to use a replaceable light source with a color-wheel which makes us think that its going to be using some sort of a sodium light bulb as it’s light source instead of LEDs.  This could definitely account for the brightness they are claiming but would also mean that the head of the unit where the optics are located needs to be fairly big and also is going to need a lot of cooling.  Another possible issue we see with this is uniform focus on un-even surfaces which is something that only a laser projection can do.  Immersis claims that the software and hardware they have supplied can work together to accomplish this but this remains to be seen in the prototypes of the unit.


Diagram of Immersis Optics

As you can see, there isn’t a whole lot of information about how this is being accomplished provided by Immersis however the concept seems pretty simple.  The only issue we see with this is that there doesn’t appear to be any cooling designed into the projector part of the unit, we’re sure that Immersis has plans for this though.

Hardware aside, Immersis says that they have all of the software ready for this product to be able to project onto different angles and wall distances and still maintain focus.  It can support plugins for the unreal engine that allow it to take your TV’s size and location into account and fill in the rest of the picture of any game running the engine around the TV.  We’re sure compatibility with other game engines will come in the future but already having compatibility for one of the most popular game engines currently in use is pretty impressive.  Obviously any other details about the software are currently confidential and we won’t likely have any more information on it until the product launches.

We think that the Immersis is going to be a truly immersive way of doing virtual reality and the fact that you don’t have to wear a helmet that makes you dizzy or nauseous is really revolutionary.

Currently however, the price for such a cool piece of hardware is going to cost a pretty penny.  Currently for pre-backers of the product on kickstarter the price is $1,200.  Once this product hits production the price is going to increase to $2,500 so if you’re interested in one you should grab it while the price is low.

Here is a link to the kick-starter page so that you can check out this product for yourself –

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