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Celluon Releases PicoPro Laser Pico Projector

We spoke about how laser projectors may be making a comeback in our last post, this time, we have actual evidence of it!

Celluon is releasing their PicoPro, a small ultraportable projector that incorporates laser projection to provide an infinite focus image that is very vibrant in it’s colors.  The unit is roughly 1″ thick, gives you an HD resolution of 1280×720, and 2-3 hours of battery.

The contrast ratio is what really perks our ears up, 80,000:1, a traditional LED projector is in the neighborhood of 1000-2000:1, so this is a dramatic improvement for sure.

Pricing isn’t announced quite yet but is expected within the first half of the year.

For more information on the PicoPro, visit

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