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Pixelworks Enters Agreement to License the VueMagic Mobile Presenter to BenQ


BenQ has long been known for good quality projectors at slightly higher prices, this will hopefully change with the news that BenQ will now have access to Pixelwork’s VueMagic for their systems.  VueMagic is a display technology that brings enhanced functionality like wireless and streaming to any device.  This is something that has long been sought after by many companies, the idea of putting a portable projector into your bag and being able to stream wirelessly to it, no need for cables.

Features like these will definitely add value to the projectors, which should increase sales across the board for BenQ.  If other companies follow suit, who knows where the features will be in 2-3 years.

“We are excited to announce our expanded partnership with BenQ, a leader in the projection display market, as well as their licensing of VueMagic Mobile Presenter as the basis for QPresenter Pro,” said Graham Loveridge, Sr. Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Development at Pixelworks. “The cooperation between BenQ and Pixelworks is targeted at enhancing the projected viewing experience while also improving meeting collaboration and mobile flexibility.”

Does anyone else still use a BenQ Pocket Projector?  We are always looking for new models but BenQ has been making them slower and slower these days, hopefully we get some good stuff as a result of this deal!

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