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Circret, a pico projector for your arm, the next generation of smart watch?

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When Google glass was released it seemed like the future was upon us and that finally we were going to be seeing all the things that were promised to us by the year 2000 by all the sci-fi movies of the 60’s and 70’s, hover cars, holograms, computerized glasses, and if we were lucky maybe even light sabers.  So you can understand our excitement when we recently heard about a new product, Cicret, that makes Google glass look bulky and hard to use.


Circret, looks very similar to a bio-reading bracelet, the kind that you would use with your smartphone to track biometrics such as heart rate and calories burned; however once you see what is lurking in this small bracelet you will definitely be impressed.  Inside is a multitude of smart phone components that allow the Circret to run android on its own without a connected device and it displays its screen to you by projecting an image onto your forearm with a Pico projector.


By use of various sensors and inputs the smart bracelet is able to actually determine touch input and allow you to use the projected image just like you would a tablet or any other device running android.  There is a WIFI chip included in it which makes us think that Wi-Fi-calling capability may be available with the Circret however there has been no announcement for this and in the diagram there is no included microphone.  Either way, having a Wi-Fi-connected computer on your arm could be very useful, allowing you to browse the internet or watch videos easily; it would also be good for taking notes or even just viewing your grocery list while you’re at the store.

The Circret does include Bluetooth connectivity, so even though it can process the entire android experience on its own this may allow it to receive text/call notifications and alert you when someone is trying to reach you on your phone.

Here is an exploded view of the Circret to give you a better idea of what makes this thing run:


Of course what we are most interested in here is the projector, although not much information has been released on it, based on the size and amount of power it could be receiving we don’t believe it can be very bright.  We estimate that it would probably be somewhere around 5-10 lumens which would be very dim in the daylight but could probably display a small image at a short throw on someone’s arm in a darker environment.  Obviously no resolution or projection technology specs have been released at this point so there isn’t a whole lot to go off of, once we have a better idea of what kind of engine this product may be running we’ll let you guys know as we’re sure that technology like this is going to be applied to way more than just the Circret.

The Circret currently does not have a release date and the company would like to remind everyone that they have not released this product yet so to not be fooled this holiday season by scammers claiming to have early access to this product.  Another important thing to note is that Circret is not using any sort of public funding for their product; they say this is because there is no guarantee of a product with public funding and with something this different from anything else out there they don’t want to disappoint a whole slew of people.

Here is a simulated video of the Circret in use so that you can see the general concept of the product, hopefully more news on this product gets released soon as we’re pretty curious about the actual specs and how visible this product will be.  If it’s as bright as they claim, an optical engine of this size could be a big game changer for the Pico projector market.

Plus, for those of you that are Futurama fans out there, you can finally own a bracelet like Leela’s.


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