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Akyumen Announces a 50 Lumen Windows Tablet, powered by Intel Atom

Akyumen, a small company that recently started getting into consumer electronics, is stepping up their presence by creatinig a Windows-based Intel Atom tablet.  This tablet is primarily geared towards education, the idea that kids can have one of these at their table and easily pull up information and share ideas and content with classmates.

There’s not a whole lot of solid information on the tablet quite yet, they’re expecting to roll it out around the first quarter of 2015.  They’re also saying it could be a good hit with gamers, having a game on your tablet and easily being able to push a button and start projecting it onto the wall could be something a lot of people would pay for.

Here’s a full breakdown of the specs of the tablet:

Operating System: Windows
Processor: Intel Atom Processor
Storage: 64GB of SSD
Camera: 8MP Sensor

With those kinds of specs theres a real possibility for this to be a solid product, it gives it enough oomph to really have performance needed for gaming or other heavy tasks.

The projector side of things is a DLP chipset, they’re claiming around 100-plus inches at 720P quality, it has a 50 lumen sensor.  We’re very interested to see if the projection is useful or is it just a gimmick?

Are you guys excited for this?  It sounds fairly interesting we think.

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