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Why Keystone Correction is a Key for Pico Projectors?

The ability to be mobile in today’s world is becoming more and more of a necessity. Which is the main reason why people buy pico projectors. When a salesman is making a presentation with powerful images and video, it can be the difference between making the sale or not. With pico projectors you have that mobility, but what if the salesman is in a room where space is limited and setting up the projector is can be difficult?

When a problem like this arises, going without the projector shouldn’t even be an option. Today,  pico projectors like the LED Showtime 3D Micro Projector($499) or the Acer K132($499) have what is called Automatic Keystone Correction.

What is Keystone correction?

It gives the user the ability to point the projector from varying angles and without skewing the picture.

For a detailed explanation of Keystone Correction:






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