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3D Map and Project at home!

If you’ve ever seen those spectacular projection displays on the side of a building and wish you could do that at home on the cheap then Apple has something for you!

They’ve had a 3D projection mapping tool called “Pspctv” that has been out since May. It is a simple tool that you can use to connect to you pico projector and make your own 3D Projection Spectaculars! All you need is the following:

1) Ipad any will work

2) Video connection adapter (Apple will have them. You will need to get one that has an output to either HDMI or VGA.

3) You will need to buy the App in the App store ($3.99 – “Pspctv” at Apple App Store)

4) You will need a pico projector – Recommend getting one with a battery so you won’t be contained by an outlet. Just in case)

Here is a list of battery powered projectors with the best lumens (since you may want to take it outside and display your work of art):

AAXA Technologies – P300 

AAXA Technologies – P4-X


Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro 

Optoma PK320

Once you got everything on the list start hooking it up and creating your masterpiece!

If you want to see how it works check out this video below.





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