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Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector Review

Hi I’m David Connoway executive editor for and I’m here with the Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector. This projector is considered a pico projector – it weighs in at half a pound. It’s a nice compact form factor and it’s obviously very portable. You do have to plug it in at least to charge it up and you can leave it plugged in when your showing video on it.

It gives you about 2 hours of battery life and when tested it did hit that number, but it does not have any sort of battery indicator that tells you it’s about to go off. This is called the HDMI Pocket Projector for a reason because it does have an HDMI port in the back.

There are also a couple of adapters for it, however if you have an Apple device you will need a $40 adapter to make that work with it and this won’t work with all smartphones necessarily.

It does have 2 built in speakers, one watt speakers, they do provide some sound, not great sound, pretty teeny. Theirs enough sound to hear a movie. You can also plug in an external speaker to this device or perhaps you want to listen with a small bluetooth speaker that you can pair with a tablet or smartphone.

On the box, it does say something about accepting a 1080p signal, but this is not an hd projector – it’s an 854×480 resolution projector, so it will take an 1080p signal but it will downsize it to that 854×480. It does deliver a good picture. It has about 85 lumens, so it’s a pretty bright little projector. You can project to around 50-60 inches, from about 6 feet away. The room doesn’t have to be totally dark when you’re showing a presentation – which is good.

A couple of other small things worth mentioning, this does have a little manual focus control on it, and it also has a usb outport, which allows you to charge your smartphone. This does have that built in battery, so you can charge a device while you’re using a projector. Ideally of course you’ll have a connector plugged in while you’re charging.

A couple of thing this projector doesn’t have, there is no built in memory, or any sort of micro sd card slot. But all in all, a pretty solid little projector. It does cost $300, that maybe a little bit expensive for folks now, but these pico projectors have come a long way since what we saw a few years ago. You can also check out Rokus streaming projector, which is also at this $300 price point, which allows you to stream Roku services right from the projector. I’m David Connoway and that’s the Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector. Thanks for watching.


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