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AAXA’s P2 Jr vs 3M’s MP225


Time for another showdown, this time we’re comparing two ultra-portable units, which are both value priced but pack in lots of features.

Let’s talk about 3M’s MP225 first.  Amazon has this projector for $199, and it has a pretty clean look to it, which gives it a nice look.  I’m not crazy about the look of the buttons, they almost look like buttons on a children’s toy or something.  A plus on this design is that it has a built-in stand, which I found to be incredibly useful while using it.

The brightness on the MP225 is rated at 32 lumens, which is good, but it won’t be a replacement for your full sized projector by any means.  32 lumens is great for watching movies in your room when it’s dark, but it won’t be great for in a lit room.

As for inputs, the MP225 falls a bit short, providing only a combined VGA / AV port which required a 3M cable for every output it supports (RCA and VGA).  The exclusion of HDMI makes me wonder what they were thinking when they decided not to put a HDMI port on it.  VGA gives it lots of options, but if you wanted to plug in a newer laptop (one with only HDMI out) you might be out of luck.

The MP225 is a pocketable addition to any everyday carry, and we think it’s good, but the lack of HDMI kills it.


AAXA’s P2 Jr is fairly new, but has been on the market long enough to earn a reputation for being a good portable projector.  Priced at $199, it equals the value of the MP225, but how does it compare in terms of performance and inputs?

The P2 Jr weighs in at just 0.3 lb, compared to the MP225’s 0.65 lb, that makes it half the weight, and it is slightly smaller as well, coming in at 4.2″ x 2.9″ x 0.8″ vs the MP225’s 5.9″ x 2.5″ x 1.2″.

The P2 Jr stacks up well in terms of performance, offering a 55 lumen output in terms of brightness, which is almost twice as much as the MP225.  The performance is surprising considering the product’s weight and size, you might think it would fall short, but it doesn’t.  Color reproduction seemed good, nothing spectacular (it’s a tiny projector, what do you expect?), sound was okay, but nothing mindblowing.

As for inputs, the P2 Jr has a good amount of them.  The one major thing the P2 Jr has over the MP225 is HDMI, which is a life saver if you need to plug in anything that doesn’t support VGA.  The HDMI port is a mini HDMI port, but a simple adapter can turn it into a full sized one.  In addition to the HDMI port is a VGA port (mini VGA using a proprietary adapter, sadly), and an AV jack for RCA video.

The other thing the P2 Jr has over the MP225 is a full sized USB port, and a MicroSD Card Slot.  This allows you to load movies or photos onto a USB drive or MicroSD Card and play them directly off of the projector.  I think this is where the P2 Jr really shines, instead of having to use a laptop or some other device to play content, you can just play them on the projector.


We think the best bang for your buck is the P2 Jr over the MP225, it provides more inputs, a brighter display, and a smaller size.  We recommend both, but if you want your moneys worth, the AAXA provides a better value.

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