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AAXA P300 the New All-In-One Home Entertainment Device

AAXA’s newly released P300 pico projector was announced as the world’s brightest battery powered pico projector. When you think of pico projectors, your initial thoughts of a pico projector are that it is small, portable, and convenient to use. Thinking about the portability and convenience you would imagine the sole use of a pico projector are for business uses. The main purpose that you would think is that pico projectors are for presentations, meetings, and pitches. With most pico projectors (less than 100 LED lumens) you can’t really see any uses outside of the simple presentation and business for the pico projector industry.


As I was looking more into the P300 pico projector from AAXA, I came across a YouTube video of the P300 pico projector and the Simpsons which finally gave me a vision that says “pico projectors in home entertainment”. It displays a bright 300 lumens at high definition resolution of 1280×800. It can also be viewed up to 120 inches. What you see at most people’s houses have a 40 inch to 55 inch HDTV. The pricing for these HDTV’s can go up from $400 to $1500 depending on the quality, pricing, and the brands. This $419 AAXA P300 Pico Projector can be connected to an iPhone, Ipad, laptop, USB, SD card, game consoles, and more. This pico projector has more connectivity than a regular TV, and it can easily be moved from room to room. Not only can you use it for home entertainment, but you can use it for business and travel as well.


As you see pico projectors that are becoming brighter and brighter, you can only imagine what and when is it going to make a dent into the home entertainment industry. As pico projectors becomes more inexpensive, brighter, higher quality, and easier to use you can definitely start seeing people replacing their huge TV’s for a small pico projector like the P300.

Check out the P300 Youtube video:

P300 &  Simspons

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